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Receiving payments is really a big part of the business hour for the businesses – be it a small or large-size business establishment. But every so often, it ends up with an error that the QuickBooks (a popular accounting software package for small businesses) doesn’t meet the bank statement. This is where a user may come across some technical errors.

In such conditions, a businessman should immediately take a corrective step to address the problem. If you are one among those are getting errors when receiving customers’ payment, call QuickBooks support phone number here and get the problem resolved in a real time.

QuickBooks includes a window known as “Undeposited funds” that can be termed as a desk drawer (which is not in fashion in today’s accounting environment). When the checks are received, the amounts are categorized as “Undeposited funds” until they are cleared. And once the funds are cleared, QuickBooks update the main accounts with received funds. It also helps in bank reconciliation when the deposit date and amounts meet accurately in the bank statement. But in case of any inaccuracy while receiving payments, you would better contact an experienced QuickBooks technical support professional who can fix the issue.

Here in this write-up, there are some common errors that can take place when receiving customer payments.

Customer payments recorded in bank account rather than categorizing it as “Undeposited Funds”

To address the issue:

  • Set “Use Undeposited Funds” as a default deposit account.
  • Go to the “Receive Payments” window and amend payment.
  • Choose “Undeposited Funds” from the “Deposit to” drop-down options.
  • Direct the payments from “Undeposited Funds” in the “Record Deposits” so as to ensure the original bank deposits meet the deposit date in the statement.

“Undeposited Funds” ignored while making deposits

There may be inaccuracy in maintaining the accounts while making deposits or receiving payments. Here, it can be addressed by:

  • Removing erroneous from the “Make Deposits” window
  • Select “Record Deposits” tab and add the correct entries
  • Locate original duplicate deposits in the accounting software

Payments not updated against invoices

It happens when the payments have not been applied against the invoices in QuickBooks. By finding unapplied payments or credit, you fix the inaccuracy easily. Once you identified which payments are unapplied, you can set them in accordance with the preferences.

So these are some issues that can take place while receiving customers’ payment. If you want to fix common QuickBooks errors visit QuickBooks support page for more information and get the solutions instantly.

QuickBooks is undoubtedly an effective software suite that can make your accounting practices much easier and more convenient. But its features can only be explored to the fullest when it runs flawlessly. Contact an experienced QuickBooks tech support professional and enjoy the flawless accounting.

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