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Microsoft Windows 10 Support UK lets Windows 10 users meet Windows professionals and know everything on Windows 10 update, upgrade, Cortana, Start Menu, networking, Edge, pop-up, BSOD, in-built apps, multimedia, interface and many more. If there is an issue with these features, dial a toll-free tech support number in UK.

Globally released last year after a long wait, Windows® 10 from Microsoft Corp has become an Apple of every Windows® users’ eye. Thanks to its long and exhaustive list of features that consists of user-friendly interface, snap Assist, talk view, continum, Cortana PDA, an all-new browser, elegant built-in-apps, advanced multimedia editing, web apps, user interface updates, Windows® Explorer, updated menu system and Xbox. With these surprising features, the latest OS has become the first choice of all who want to get the best out of their computing machines.

Now, the tech giant has updated its Xbox beta app for Windows® 10. The new app has smart social features that enhance its functionality as well as user experience with offered by Xbox One, a gaming console. With 6 key features, the latest OS is going to make a real difference to its existing as well as new users. These features include:

  1. Access to the new Avatar Store
  2. The Xbox News tab
  3. Improvements to the Trending tab
  4. A suggested Friends tab
  5. Tweaks to the activity feed
  6. Additional functions in compact mode for the app.

The Xbox Beta app is meant for previewing updates and collecting feedback on new features.

Since its first global launch on 29 July 2016, Windows® 10 has attracted all due to its high promotion by Microsoft. The global launch was good news for the existing users of Windows® 7, 8, and 8.1. All such users started to get their free upgrade from the technology giant Microsoft so that they can easily get upgraded to the new OS in an automatic manner. As a phased release, Windows® 10 rolled out on 29 July 2015 and it was supposed to improve the quality of OS and help existing Windows® users get the best performance from their machines. Now, enterprise users in US, UK or rest of the world can easily manage company-wide rollouts for latest updates of Windows®. Now, Microsoft Edge will replace Internet Explorer as a default browser for Windows® 10. To know more information on Windows® 10 Customer Support services please call +44-800-088-5483.

Windows® 10 is available as a free and compulsory upgrade for existing version of Windows® 7 and Windows® 8/8.1 consumer editions. Surprisingly, users need to upgrade to the latest version otherwise they have to pay £100. Now, Android and iOS apps can be easily run on Windows® 10. British people can expect Windows® 10 UK Support through Microsoft Windows® Support Center in UK if they find it hard to upgrade to the next version or they have any issues that prevent them from getting the best out of their Windows®-bound machines.  Microsoft Support Center is a great destination for sorting out all sorts of issues and problems that Windows® users face while using their machines after upgrade.

It is likely that Windows® 10 users in UK may experience some sorts of issues while updating their existing operating system. Then, they need to contact Microsoft Windows® 10 Support Number UK for overcoming various issues that prevent users from utilizing their OS and getting the best out of it. Windows® support is a great way to enjoy the best features of Xbox beta app for Windows® 10 after its global release.