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In line with easing security layer in Windows® 10, Microsoft is about to introduce its latest Bluetooth-based application that will help the users unlock their Windows® 10 computer with the help of their mobile phones.

Though it is yet to come on the operating system, you can contact Microsoft Windows Technical Support to get new Bluetooth application to ease security layer in Windows 10 device instantly whenever it is introduced officially.

If you find it an odd job to manually put your password all the time whenever you start your Windows® 10 computer, Microsoft has something amazing for you to ease your task. Though the application is under Beta testing, experts believe that the application is going to help users unlock their Windows® 10 computer systems without using passwords.

Though the operating system has recently hit the marketplace, some common technical problems have been identified in the course of using software and applications. Some of the software suites don’t have compatibility with the latest Windows® operating system, leading to technical issues and interruptions while using computers.

Fortunately, some independent technical support companies are proactively offering quick Windows® tech support so as to make the users resolve the issues instantly.

You can reach out to an expert technician by dialing Microsoft help number in search of absolute technical support.

To activate the application, users will have to integrate their mobile phone with their personal computer so that they can use the Bluetooth to unlock Windows® 10 computer system. What they will be required to do is to run the application on the mobile phone and tap on the computer connected to it. And as it is all run by Bluetooth device, both your handset and computer system are required to be in close proximity.

It is currently not sure Microsoft is planning to introduce the application for iOS handsets as well, but the new application is truly going to be an innovative tool for the people who find putting username-password as an awkward job.

In case of any technical hurdles, you don’t need to be worried at all. Third party Microsoft Windows Customer support companies are proactive and dedicated to offer technical support to all types of hurdles what you face while working on Windows® 10 computer system.

To make the task easier, you should reach out to the best solution through 24×7 open Microsoft customer support number and resolve the issues whatever you may encounter while syncing your mobile phone with the Windows® 10 computer system.

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