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Parallels®, a desktop and server virtualization software program that allows one to run OS X and Windows alongside on Macs another operating system, will get a new upgrade called ‘Version 11’ in order to offer perfect support to Windows 10 and the forthcoming OS X El Capitan. The upcoming version commits to be about 50% faster than the previous versions. Parallels® Desktop for Mac is widely known as a virtualization system that permits its users run Microsoft Windows as well as operating systems on Macs conveniently without using separate computers for home and offices. With it, software developers can secure their host computers from viruses that affect operating systems. And it can be easily made possible with complete Apple support.

With the new upgrade, users will get three product choices:

  • Parallels® Desktop 11
  • Parallels® Desktop 11 for Mac Pro Edition
  • Parallels® Desktop for Mac Business Edition.

Users of Parallels® version 9 and 10 can easily upgrade to version 11 for $49.99, upgrade to the Mac Pro Edition for $49.99, and upgrade to the Business Edition for $99.99 using Parallels® Desktop 11 Help from the right resources. The newest version is available with numerous performance improvements for OSs, including up to 50% faster boot and shutdown times and 20% percent faster file operations.

The version also allows you to use Windows 10’s Cortana feature and a new Travel Mode will help Windows get a better battery life by using less power. The Pro version is meant for developers of Docker, Visual Studio, Chef and other developer tools. On the other hand, the Business Edition is meant for IT departments.

Getting upgraded to the new version can be challenging for the most users of previous Parallel versions because they can face some upgrading, compatibility, navigation, access, networking, Apple support, and rebooting issues. That is why Parallels® Windows 10 Support comes to the rescue of people who find it hard to easily upgrade their OS to the next available version.

Intelli Atlas Inc. is an independent tech support providing company that offers unmatched tech support for third parties brands, products and services for Parallels® virtualization program upgrade. The company has a team of tech professionals and experts who know how to upgrade the software in the most convenient manner, keeping your time, cost, and upgrade process in mind. The company offers Parallels® 11 Help for Windows 10 and extends a helping hand to the users of Parallels® when need to upgrade their existing version of Parallels® to the newest version, consisting of Parallels® Desktop 11, Parallels® Desktop 11 for Mac Pro Edition, and Parallels® Desktop for Mac Business Edition.

External Link: http://bit.ly/2kb8Tq4 | https://goo.gl/KxBHU5 | http://tinyurl.com/yb6dj4km | http://ow.ly/IG9G30dWJkX | http://bit.do/dCWTY