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A new collaboration has been integrated between Mirantis, No. 1 pure-play OpenStack vendor, and Parallels®, a hosting and cloud services provider, to incorporate Mirantis OpenStack with Parallels® Automation so that service providers can use Parallels® Automation for delivering OpenStack IaaS services through the Mirantis OpenStack distribution.

Parallels® Automation is known as platform for hosting and cloud services. This platform allows service providers to can organize new services in a fast manner, deduct operational costs, and increase average revenue per user.

“As OpenStack gains momentum around the world with more and more service providers, Parallels® is natural partner for Mirantis,” says Boris Renski, executive vice president and co-founder of Mirantis. “Cloud operators will benefit in two key ways. Service providers will be able to provision and meter OpenStack infrastructure using Parallels® Automation. And by supporting Parallels® Containers as an alternative technology, service providers will have more choice when it comes to container technology in OpenStack,” he added.

Parallels® Automation and Mirantis OpenStack will be merged with the help of the APS 2 standard so that service providers can fetch OpenStack-based IaaS services to market in an effective manner.  It is reported that Parallels® Automation platform will not only offer faultless provisions for new services and consolidated billing with offerings in the service provider’s environment.

“OpenStack is a priority for our service provider customers,” said John Zanni, chief marketing officer, Parallels®. “We’re pleased to collaborate with Mirantis in developing an offering for our customers that makes it easier for them to be successful in delivering and monetizing OpenStack solutions,” he added.

The recent collaboration between the Mirantis OpenStack with Parallels® Automation offer numerous benefits to several service providers, cloud operators, telecom companies, hosting services and managed service providers. You also get certified technicians who masters both Parallels® and Apple to offer you Parallels® Help to help setup cloud Iaas services. These include:

  • Instant and fast access to the fast-growing OpenStack market, keeping factors of cost and time to market in mind. Now, users needn’t customize OpenStack to work with Parallels® Automation.
  • Cloud customers will find a self-service environment for operating their OpenStack cloud within the infrastructure used by service providers preferred by the users.
  • The new deal will provide cloud-operators and cloud consumers a better functional open source cloud environment which is free of opaque hooks.

Following are some of the issues and problems that Parallels® users may experience unexpectedly: Unable to access Internet on Parallel virtual machines, Parallels® Desktop 10 stopped functioning well, Can’t launch Parallels® Windows data file, Can’t update Parallels® Software, Errors in opening Parallels® Desktop on Mac, Errors opening Windows 10 using Parallels®, Can’t re-install Parallels® 10, Parallels® can’t run Windows OS, Parallels® virtualization and upgrade errors, and Parallels® 10 fails to check and install on Mac. When things get tough you can call for Parallels® Technical Support for Apple and Parallels® problems. We can get you going with your Iaas cloud hosting setup.

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