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Parallels Desktop lets you use USB devices in your Mac computer and you can add them to the virtual machine. More interestingly, you can use up to eight USB 2.0 and five USB 1.1 drives to a particular virtual machine.

Microsoft suggests that a user should connect USB devices directly to the Mac computer system, without using USB port. Because you can use up to 8 USB devices, Microsoft suggests using a USB hub that can accommodate several devices properly. But using USB ports on keyboard is never recommended as it can cause additional issues in your computer system.

On the other hand, USB controller is also believed to be the most accurate way to use the feature in virtual machine. If the controller is already installed in the VM software, you must ensure it is connected properly. If you are looking for Parallels support number visit here for phone support service to connect USB device to Virtual machine without any technical problem.

First of all, before you use the feature and USB in the virtual machine, you have to enable the USB support in your virtual personal computer. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Window menu, click on Virtual PC List.
  • Select a particular virtual machine that you want to support USB devices.
  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Click USB.
  • Now check the box “Enable USB.”
  • Once the process completes, you can reboot your computer system to make the changes effective.

But your job doesn’t stop here; you have to make some additional changes when you insert a USB device in the virtual computer. The time when you insert a USB device into your Mac, you get a new dialog box saying “the New USB device detected.”

Here you need to identify where and how the USB device would be connected:

  • Move your cursor to the Mac and click OK if you want the USB device to connect to OS X.
  • Or you can click on the virtual machine if you want the device to connect to the current VM.

For convenience in future, you can also make your computer system remember your preferences. To make the change, you need to go to the Preferences and select USB preference. The next time when you plug in the UJSB device into your computer system, it will automatically be connected to the destination you had preferred last time.

If you are looking for Parallels support visit here to get help on connecting USB devices to Virtual machine with increased accuracy. You can overcome all types of technical problems by accessing an experienced technician.

There are some experienced professionals who own an extended expertise on Parallels technical support, offering reliable solutions to fix all types of issues that you may come across.

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