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With all the latest updates, Microsoft heads towards a new high point after every new update. And with the introduction of its Windows® 10, it is now going to be an amazing experience just because of the features and facilities Microsoft has introduced. With a single Microsoft account ID, you can now avail of Microsoft’s features and applications such as Outlook.com, Xbox Live, OneDrive, and Office 365.

To make use of the features, it is required to have a Microsoft account that will help you sign in to all Microsoft portals and services. If you want to register your user ID with Microsoft account, you should go for Microsoft Windows Phone Support offered by third party technical support company.

What is Microsoft Account ID?

Microsoft took a step forward in line with its objective to provide the users with a single platform for different Microsoft services such as Windows® Live ID, Hotmail ID, SkyDrive ID, Office 365 ID, Windows® Phone ID, and Xbox Live ID. It generates a single entrance key for users to get access with the help of user ID and password.

If you don’t have any Microsoft Account ID, you should create an account and start enjoying all the features. It requires you to go through some steps in the course of creating an account. There is a chance to have some steps confusing and it may lead to unproductive efforts. You better contact Microsoft customer support and access the best Microsoft Tech Support Windows to register an account instantly.

Here are the steps you would be asked to furnish while registering Microsoft account ID:

Step 1: Visit www.live.com and go to the link to open the sign-in form

Step 2: Use your current email ID, no matter which domain you use for the email

Note: Whatever email ID you use while creating Microsoft ID, you can use it to sign in to outlook.com as well.

So you don’t need to confuse while using your existing email ID. It is always recommended to go for certified Windows® technical support from experienced technicians.

Step 3: On the other hand, you can also go for other option to create an account at live.com without using your existing email ID.

And thus you complete the registration session.

After getting registered with Microsoft Account, you can update your account so as to certify its credentials. You will find so many areas to be filled, ranging from your personal details to updating your credit or debit card. To avoid any inconvenience, you should dial Microsoft help number and access the best support for creating Microsoft account.

External Link: http://bit.ly/2uWng9O | https://goo.gl/6vk5S7 | http://tinyurl.com/yb2r38ok | http://ow.ly/gC4B30dWHLx | http://bit.do/dCNeF