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When it comes to the upgrading to Windows® 10 from Windows® 7/8, you need to have different must-haves and recommended items to make the process of Windows® upgrading smooth and hassle-free.  The most basic things you need to have are an activated copy of Windows® and an appropriate Windows® 10 update tool, matching your current Windows® installation. Once you are ready with both the items, it is high time run the upgrade installer. You can go for Windows® 10 Technical Support to make a safe and smooth upgrade.

Running the Upgrade Installer

  • Simply, upgrade the PC or create installation media by selecting “Upgrade this PC now” to initiate the upgrade process and then click “Next”. The download process depends upon the speed of your Internet connection.
  • Click “Accept” to agree to the terms of the license agreement and let the installer do a final update check.
  • Now, the installer will choose the major “what to keep” selection by default. You can also make changes concerning your needs by clicking the small “Change what to keep”. With this step, you will be able to keep personal files and apps, change personal files and apps, and delete apps, files, and settings.
  • Click on the “Help me decide” link for availing more information.
  • Click “Next” to return to the final screen and click “Install” to confirm installation.

Configuring Windows® after the Upgrade

When you detect the login screen pops up, go for the following steps:

  • After you log in, accept the “Express Settings” or click “Customize settings” link to check by default settings.
  • The first screen you will see is titled as “Personalization” and the privacy conscious will ask you to turn off everything in this menu.
  • The second screen is concerned to hotspots, browser protection, and error reporting. SmartScreen can helpful for the users of the Microsoft Edge browser or the Windows® Store.
  • The final screen will display four new default Windows® apps. In case, you choose “Let me choose my own default apps” button, it will not allow you to choose these apps.
  • Click “Next” to the Windows® 10 desktop.
  • Check on your apps, upgrade the process, and plug in your peripherals to enjoy Windows® 10.

Surprisingly, updating process of Windows® 10 from Window 7 has lots of issues and problems that Windows® users may experience, such as continuous reboots or hanging of installers; descriptive error codes; installation failure; problematic activation; trouble with video, sound, and other drivers; non-functioning of start menu; Windows® 10 Store won’t start; and Microsoft still forces updates on all machines. All these unexpected errors can be fixed with timely Windows® 10 Upgrade Help.

When it comes to availing the right Windows® 10 Upgrade Help for the purpose of upgrading to Windows® 10 from Window 7, independent tech assistance provider company Intelli Atlas makes a real difference. The company offers aggrieved customers instant Windows® 10 Technical Support through its 24/7 active Windows® 10 Support Phone Number +1-800-961-1963. This number takes all to a team of Microsoft experts and professionals who fix all issues in the least amount of time.

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