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Microsoft’s 5-months-old personal computer operating system has been welcomed by Microsoft users with a mixed response. In just 5 months, the OS has become a hot topic to discus on in the world of technology. Have a look at some of the reasons why the users of Windows® 7, 8, or 8.1 should upgrade to Windows® 10. These include:

  • Final operating system: Windows® 10 received numerous admirable reviews since its global release in July 2015 release. Hence, it seems that the latest version is a perfect mix of Windows® 7, 8, and 8.1. Interestingly, Microsoft christens Windows® 10 as “final operating system” or the last version of Windows®.
  • Excellent features: Windows® 10 is available with a number of electrifying features, such as Microsoft’s virtual AI assistant Cortana, the Windows® 8 Metro-style, and the new Start Menu that effectively improve experience from the end-user perspective.
  • Windows® 10 Continuum: The Windows® 8 environment makes a perfect balance between traditional desktop users and uses of touch-first-device. With Windows® 10 Continuum feature, you efficiently switch between desktop and tablet mode with smart peripherals.
  • Easier navigation: With Microsoft’s core utilities, the new Settings app is made easy to search using easier system settings and an intuitive system switch. Overhauling of the base Mail and Calendar apps offers efficient experiences over Windows® 8.
  • System updation: With new features and security patches, Windows® 10 will keep your system up to date. It is an outstanding “upgrade” in the Windows® ecosystem. Decreasing security vulnerabilities is a big addition to the OS.
  • A better upgrade to DirectX available for Windows® 10 and improved battery performance features easily attract Windows® users to the latest updates.

The operating system has the strengths of Windows® 8 with Windows® 7 which helps you get the best out of your work. Despite having lots of striking features, the OS can make you experience the issues of system crash, software crash, mail failure, blue screen of death, setting failures and parade of pop-ups. Be it any issue or query on the installation, upgrade or connectivity of the OS with Apple products, A reliable Windows® 10 Support Center can help Windows® users get a hassle-free experience with their Windows®-enabled handheld devices, laptops, and desktops.

When it comes to having the best and unmatched Windows® 10 Upgrade Help, Intelli Atlas is an independent Windows® 10 technical support provider delivering paid phone support services for third party brands, products and services. With a team of tech experts and professionals, Intelli Atlas offers 24/7 paid support to help Windows® users overcome all Microsoft errors and issues with its toll-free Windows® support phone number 180-961-1963.

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