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You may be an expert with the well-known option: Start menu. Windows 10 is designed to be friendly with the hardware and software you already own and the updates that are always enabled to help you to stay advanced with features for the maintained lifetime of your device. Windows 10 has been one of the most expected Windows released in Microsoft record, particularly given the issues with Windows 8, the result of Microsoft’s decision to create an operating system that works on both touch and non-touch systems. Surprisingly, the much hyped OS from Microsoft is also prone to some issues, but some of them can be resolved with the resetting and wiping your Windows machine.

Microsoft offers an option to reset the PC to fix common problems. The company has also released a tool to install a clean, bloatware-free version of Windows PCs. When it comes to resetting the PC to fix various PC issues, Windows users can opt for troubleshooting advice via a Microsoft Windows 10 phone number for resetting Windows 10.Following are the steps that you can use in order to reset the PC:

  • First of all, you have to identifying root cause of the problem.
  • If you are tried solving the problem but not able to resolve the issue, you have to take Windows 10 help for Windows 10 factory to reset your system and find an alternative to go with the search option in the start menu. Once you have clicked the ‘Update’ button, select recovery preference.
  • Now you will present with two options ‘Reset this PC’ or ‘Advanced start-up’. Click on start option under the Reset this system section and you’ll be presented with a new window that has two alternatives to decide from: ‘Keep my files’ and ‘Remove everything’, as both options are different, you will go through both.

Keep my files:

  • Select the option it’s to remove the settings without touching your personal files. Clicking on the option will load the apps that will be removed. This can be from Windows Store apps to Programs that you have installed.
  • If you choose to continue, your system will save a list of the apps removed through the reset process, on your new desktop. Hit reset and wait for the system to reset.

Remove everything:

If you are not bothered about your personal data and files, then easily you can click the option that represents two options again “Remove my files” and “Clean drive”. Once you have selected your chosen outcome, you’ll be presented with an authentication window, update you of what will be deleted from your current system.

Restart the PC:

No matter which option you choose from the above, your system will be restarted and will take time to fully reset. Once the PC has restarted, you can proceed in reinstalling your apps, configuring your Windows settings and use your system. If your problem has still not been solved, it could be a hardware issue.

These suggestions are supposed to help you reset the PC. If not, you need to take Windows tech support service from a reliable resource, like Intelli Atlas. The independent tech support providing company offers it technical assistance via a remote technical service that is affordable too.

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